XXIII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week




An increasingly telematic world, streaming, fast connections, all everywhere and always. . . . and then there is the music that is made of composition, harmony, rhythm, but also sharing the moment, the artistic touch of several people who meet, each with his desires and problems, each with his own character, you share the sweat, determination and performance. So we felt the need to make a program of streaming performances that will alternate during the festival, of analogical emotions of all the artists involved. So those who have composed from afar, have done so following these concepts, making them imagine their own environment, they were asked to compose music and videos . . .

For the closest artists, it was easier. were invited to the Elastica Studio, they got in tune with the flowers, the medieval rocks and the analogue part of themselves… and participated with Tuzzy, Elastica’s reference producer, in an emotional improvisation djset.

Everything then ended up in the hands of Mario Tucci, on the other side of the world, to be precise in Oregon, who decomposed the images, filtered them, drew fantastic imaginations and delivered an imaginary flow made of music and video.

All this will be the audio/video soundtrack of the festival evenings .


19 July: Paolo Polcari ( Almamegretta ) presents globalist ( Japan)
20 lugilio: Elastic showcase indub
July 21: Elastic showcase featuring Pablo leg
July 22: Tuzzy djset
July 23: Casino Royale Quarantine Scenario
July 24th: Deleted soul djset
25 July: Flame parade live