XXV International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

Teachers and experts of high reputation will participate in the concerts and master classes of the Italian Brass Week



Italian Brass Week is a festival born 20 years ago under the artistic direction of Luca Benucci, principal horn of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. Over the years the festival worked on education and training of thousands young musicians from all over the world, with the aim of consolidating a reality that too often goes unnoticed and give the opportunity to young musicians to be able to participate in a primary visibility event for the brass and music world.

The mission is to give value to Italian and foreign talents, through the promotion and cultural exchange. The festival gives the opportunity to young students and professionals to take part to this international event, to play and learn from the most important musicians of the brass world, being part of the largest international orchestras, conservatories and universities.

The high educational level and quality of the event have been awarded the bronze medal of the President of the Republic and several other awards. Awards obtained for the importance of the event and for having involved generations of young musicians, who are trained and have become excellent performers.

During these years the Italian Brass Week moved to various locations in Tuscany, Santa Fiora, Vinci, to arrive in Florence in 2015.

Florence is an important reference for the cultural growth. A unique place where a fusion of the past and present marries itself to a projection toward the future.

During these years the artistic quality of the festival has always been guaranteed by the presence of virtuosos and soloists from around the world, Italian, European and international teachers, jazz bands and brass ensembles. They come together and play together in important moment for the professional growth of all the young people taking part in the festival.