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XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

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President and Artistic director

Luca Benucci

Vice president Logistics director

Paride Canu

Legal business

Marilisa Santoro


Franca Zani

Project Manager and Communication

Sabrina Malavolti Landi

Organization and Artistic coordination

Beatrice Brami

Organization and Student Coordination

Emilia Galli

IMAGINEM Media Manager

Maurizio Baldini

Graphic and visual arts

Giada Ionà


Giulia Mancinelli

Social media team manager

Benedetta Borghi

Media and Press Swiss, France and Germany

Pascal Rosset

Group Coordinator, Media and press España

Alvaro Barbancho

Press office New York

Tomomi Mangino

Press office Bloomington

Robert Fox

Press office & Public Relations US

Ashlyn Christensen

Production and Media South America

Sofia Cortese

Media and Communication England

Sophie Gallager

TUBA TV Oregon

Mike Grose

Press and Media Japan

Kazuhiro Nakamura

Press and Media China

Ray Cong

Vip scouting

Rossana Santoro


Giancarlo Gulisano


Federico Caponi

Social Media

Leila Bazeghi