XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week



Filippo Saporito

Filippo Saporito

The Legend of the Frati was born originally in the abbey of Abbadia Isola in Siena and from the legend linked to this place takes its name: one night in July three friars collected the best shoots from their garden and ate and drank enough to start singing and dancing without break. Even today, in the ancient convent, on 11 July it is possible to hear the echoes of the friars intoxicated by the fruits of their land. Abbadia Isola was for us a research and experimentation center on Tuscan gastronomy, today La Leggenda dei Frati is located in the garden of Villa Bardini in the old stables of the home of the art collector Stefano Bardini, today's museum linked to the restaurant from whose terrace we embrace the city in one glance. Welcome to Florence, welcome to our home!

Filippo Saporito and Ombretta Giovannini.