XXIII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week



DJ TuzZY Alberto Tucci

DJ TuzZY Alberto Tucci

Alberto Tucci, alias Dj TuzZy.

DJ Tuzzy has collaborations with Subsonica, Asian Dub Fondation, Casino Royale will perform live improvisations, based on world music, starting from the sampling of environmental sounds from the kitchen.

Producer and sound designer of 'Elastica Records', historic independent record label which, from Chianti is, to date, the reference point of the international electronic scene. His Cooking Music, literally conceived as music cooked on the computer, will trigger artistic and culinary happenings with Brass improvisations on live sets and musical djsets that will involve artists from all over the world.


19 luglio: Paolo Polcari ( Almamegretta ) presenta globalista ( Japan) 
20 luglio: Elastica showcase indub 
21 luglio: Deleted soul Djset
22 luglio: Elastica showcase featuring Pablo gamba
23 luglio: Casino Royale Quarantine Scenario
24 luglio: TuzZy djset

25 luglio: Flame parade