XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

7 Aprile

The festival and the concerts 2021

The festival and the concerts 2021

The title of this new edition From the Brass Convivium to the Banquet of Knowledge wants
be a clear homage to Dante Alighieri, on the 700th anniversary of his birth. From the
Brass Convivium to the Banquet of Knowledge lays its foundations in the two attributed Dante pillars
to the human soul, Strength and Love, as well as foundations of knowledge and knowledge

Love and Strength are immortal and eternal constants that find fulfillment in our Art, Music.
It is no coincidence that Dante, precisely in Book II, this banquet of knowledge, his Convivio, exalts the
figure of Orpheus, of that poet who, with the Love of the sounds of his magical lyre, bewitched man and
he enchanted nature, just as with the Force of passion he was able to move stones, to appease them
worries and to regenerate souls. Dante-Orfeo is for the Festival, the poet-prophet who invites us to the new
musical banquet, to share the universal knowledge of the world of brass.
As in the Convivio, the Festival places the popular element of knowledge at the center, constantly at the
search for the widest possible audience, that audience that, as for Dante, in all the previous ones
editions, and especially in the 21st undermined by the health emergency, concisely and coincides with
the whole of humanity.

The Festival, as per its twenty-year tradition, finds its foundation in the construction of Sapienza,
that Wisdom that allows thousands of young musicians, students and / or professionals, coming from
over 40 nations of the planet, to continue to search for the beauty of musical language, in all of its
multiple facets, in order to communicate it to all passionate listeners.

Like the Convivio, our Festival is a work in progress, a continuous evolution and transmission of
knowledge to the new generations, to the young musicians from all over the world who attend the masterclasses of
best known teachers of national, European and international lyric and symphonic institutions.
Our teachers, just like Dante, are the new musical prophets, those who carry out the mission
didactics and they sit with their students at the Convivio to graze knowledge together. As well as, in
concerts of the Festival calendar, we are to declare love for our Italian speech from the Force
and with universal expressive potential: Music.

Young performers, masters, international soloists have given life, every year, to a capillary work,
full of energy, leading us to live unforgettable experiences in our magnificent city that gives
Dante today is the fulcrum of contemporaneity. It is precisely in this perfect union of past and present
that we launch into rebirth, in the will to be reborn, continuing to open ourselves to the world too
through social media on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Every day we have a detailed calendar of appointments that can be enjoyed live, if the
conditions relating to the health emergency will allow us, or online from your home, from
your own living room, your own studio, your own garden. We launch a
very strong and new sign of resumption of musical life.

the all concerts will be announced after the press conference