XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

20 Luglio

Venezuela Horns

Venezuela Horns

One of the main reasons of Venezuelan horns is projecting and highlighting the quality of our Horn Players spread around the world.

This valuable musical project was born in mid-2018 by two friends with a wide musical background, Angel Mendoza and David Mendoza, who combined their ideas to integrate and show the best of the talent of Venezuelan Horn players.

Their members are convinced that music unites them, and for this reason in the same project, musical arrangements and musical production are combined, and men and women who have been trained within Venezuela's National System of Youth and Children's Orchestras and Choirs, and other music schools, live and participate today  in outstanding orchestras and musical organizations all over the world. 

Therefore, is a concept about integration, where everyone can show their passion for music. Nowadays, more than 50 horn players have joined the band, all over the world, to fulfill the dream of being reunited with their friends, former classmates and having the privilege of playing with their beloved masters.

Currently, the list of horn players who have participated in the project is this: Emmanuel Hidalgo, Edgar J. Aragón, Ángel Mendoza, Kervin Guarapana, Anthony Veloz, Andrés Aragón Jr, Liber Oscher, Bryan Hernández, Alejandro Aragón, Alexis Rangel, Manaure Marín, Javier Aragón, David Mendoza, Yaneth Zouehid, Carlos Martínez, Miguel Hurtado, Gabriella Ibarra, Frank Casanova, Daniel Graterol, Alfredo Sánchez, Leonardo Melgarejo, Jesús Rizques, Sofía Riera, María Da Silva, Víctor Pérez, Emilio Colina, Adrián Chávez, Nelson Yovera, Atahualpa Vegas, Javier Rosa, Danny Gutiérrez, Kaylet Torrez, Jhonny Maldonado, Yvan Magallanes, Andrés E. Aragón, Juan Giménez, Rafael Arias, Eduard Cortez, Alí González, Ángel Díaz, Edgar Pulgar, Esteban Duque, Fernando Mora, Mariela Velázquez, Orlando Páez, Wilmer Ramirez, Yorjan Sandoval, Rainer Ossot, Víctor Oviedo, Reinaldo Rivero, Daniela Vargas, Michaelle Hernández, Jinger Carrero +, Elizabeth Linares, Luis Díaz and José León.

Just with simple technological devices, but with an outstanding audiovisual quality, each one of the members from his/her home, just with his/her mobile phone and horn, can make their musical contribution and being aware of the recording parameters that a musician must handle, this has allowed them to enjoy an excellent result.

One of the things that motivates them to continue creating, is to see how the project has been progressively advancing and new ideas have emerged, providing a positive impact on the people who listen to them, because they identify even without being horn players or musicians, and see them as an emblem that enhances with pride their country.

Venezuelan horns is a community with a common feeling. Its contribution is that there is the equality of all human beings, leaving aside the ego, showing each participant in equal size screens. 

Our purpose will remain beating in each production, in order to people join us and could enjoy a musical product of high value disseminated through social networks.