XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

23 Luglio

China Horn Ensemble

China Horn Ensemble

China Horn Ensemble (CHE) was firstly conceived in Beijing, 2015 by the horn professor of Central Conservatory of Music, Yi Man, in order to develop and popularise horn music in China. Soon this idea gained pervasive attentions and supports from outstanding Chinese horn players all over the world. Finally the China Horn Ensemble was officially founded in Fall 2015 in Beijing and has been one of the top chamber music groups in the nation. The group also enjoyed an international reputation since it was founded.

In the past few years, horn musicians from China gradually gained international attentions. They have become a new stream, whether holding signifiant positions in China or serving as principal players all over the world. Our members including those taught in the top music schools in China, outstanding solo horns and principal horns of the first-class orchestras throughout the world. These talented musicians are not only the best, but also representing the international level of China Horn Ensemble.

The premiere concert of CHE was in 2015 during Beijing International Horn Festival. After gaining pervasively positive comments and feedbacks, CHE took the engagement to tour in Hong Kong and Shenzhen the next year. In summer 2016, CHE was invited to tour in Germany and Austria and gave several successful concerts in Mainz, Bremen, Munich and Vienna. Their audiences and guests were most impressed by the passion and music qualities they conveyed during the concerts. The variety of music selections surprised the audiences, and earned a long-lasting applause after concerts.

Professor Hans Pizkas (former principal horn of Munich Opera House; received a title of “distinguished professor” from the president of Austria) gave a high recognition to CHE after attending one of the concerts in Europe. He mentioned about a great professional level of the performance and expressed his compliments on CHE’s interpretations of different music styles. He left the comments to the ensemble: “It was a fabulous horn chamber concert. The tone colours were just beautiful, with a great accuracy in high notes, and a bass- like effects/function of low horn playing. All of these together plus deep understanding of music styles and humorous performance, this concert was fantastic. All of us who sat in the Cultural Center of Munich wanted to thank you for bringing in such a memorable concert.”

China Horn Ensemble presents a variety of music collections featuring classical, romantic, jazz, tango and film music. The first CHE album will be released in 2016. Our goal is to promote and develop the popularity of french horn lovers and to share our genuine passion of horn music to more people. We believe that our audiences will definitely enjoy this unique musical experience with us.