XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

23 Luglio

Albufera Horns

Albufera Horns

Valencia is one of the best cities in the world to live in. The beach, the good weather and the kindness of the people make this city an incredible place.

It is also the place in the country where there are more musicians, in Valencia there are approximately 400,000 registered musicians. For this occasion the musicians of the best orchestras and bands of Valencia have gathered in two emblematic places, the Church of Santos Juanes and the Albufera. 

They have played to show the whole world the pasodobles and Valencian works.

The musicians are as follows:


French Horn:


Elies Monxolí Cerveró

Bernardo Cifres Amat

David Rosell Esterelles

Manuel Járrega Ventura

Mireia Járrega Marqués

David Sánchez Camús 

Alberto Sánchez Camús

Ana Belén González Aguilar

Irene Mezquita Mendizábal

María Monteverde Garrido

Pau Bermell Morera

José Vicente Vila Muñoz

Vicente Raga Muñoz

Jorge García Bóveda

Miguel Ángel Martínez Antolinos

Álvaro Barbancho Gutierrez

Xavier Soriano Cambra

Carles Espí Martínez 

Pau Moltó Biosca 

Pablo Monteagudo Valiente

Miguel Martín Balaguer

Victor Rausell Valenzuela




Jacint J Hernández Escorihuela




Sergio Estevens Soler

Jesus Peris Aleixandre