XXIII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week


Dario Cecchini

Dario Cecchini

Dario Cecchini represents the eighth generation of a family of Chianti butchers.

He is a craftsman who seeks and promotes quality, ethics and respect for animals, who knows how to transform craft into art and thought into philosophy - with the same spirit that made Tuscany great during the Renaissance. 

 Dario lives and works in Panzano, Italy, a small town in the heart of the Chianti wine region, halfway between Siena and Florence, with just under one thousand inhabitants.


His world in Panzano is divided into several parts:

Antica Macelleria Cecchini, the butcher shop, which is the beating heart of Dario’s world.

"Dario Doc", where he offers lunch,  weekdays with two quick menus: a burger or a tasting plate, no reservations taken.

At "Solociccia", Dario makes magic with the less considered cuts.  They are cooked with care and due respect, and are transformed into magnificent delicacies.

Cecchini’s menu at the “Officina della Bistecca”, is all about grilling: the meal starts with a beef tartar, seared carpaccio and continues through a triad of juicy steaks.

A few indisputable rules apply at Solociccia and the Officina; everyone sits at the same large tables, at the same time, to share the same meal together - like at home.


Dario says: "My parents taught me that when hosting guests you must to take care of the food and drink you offer, but above all, you must take care of their happiness. You have to make them feel good in every way. "


Dario is sought out by television and newspapers around the world, interested in better understanding ideas.  He walks a line between serious and silly, to succeed in transmitting his message, bringing even the most skeptical a new perspective on the role of meat in our world today. Most recently, Dario was protagonist of an episode of Netflix’ Chef's Table, telling the journey that led him to be who he is today.


In addition to his work in Panzano, over the years various collaborations have happened, including a restaurant "Carna by Dario Cecchini", at the Baha Mar resort in the Bahamas.


Even there, as the poet says: abandon all hope or you who enter, you are in the hands of a butcher!