XXV International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week



Main Event “ Golden Water Mirror”

Main Event “ Golden Water Mirror”

Italian Brass Week 2023
July 27, 2023
Florence, Ponte Vecchio, Lungarno Maria Luisa de' Medici, River Arno – 7.30 pm
MAIN EVENT – World Premiere
Golden Water Mirror
Music by Francesco Traversi
Soloists of the International Festival “Italian Brass Week” & “Italian Brass Week” Ensemble

The composition written by M° Francesco Traversi, award-winning at the Global Awards in Los Angeles, is commissioned by the Festival and will be performed in world premiere as a project chosen and supported by Publiacqua SPA.
Golden Water Mirror is an "urban" symphonic poem, for large brass orchestra and percussion, which wants to celebrate the Arno river precisely where this, in its delicate gait, almost grants itself an enchanted stop, a respectful "bow" to the City of Florence , precisely at the point where it reflects its magnificence on the waters of the river: the "magic square" enclosed between Ponte Vecchio, the Vasari Corridor and the facing buildings of Via de' Bardi, as a natural extension of the Lungarno Torrigiani.
How many characters have "mirrored" themselves in this handkerchief of water of just over one hundred meters per hundred. Artists, poets, thinkers, visionaries, engineers, architects, scientists, inventors of every age and every place who have probably stopped here and cast at least a fleeting glance towards the river and the city, keeping their memory forever. Excellencies of the great epic of the Florentine Renaissance and beyond have consigned themselves to history here simply by wetting their souls and their hands in these waters, reflecting their features in this extraordinary "golden mirror of water".
The soloists of the Festival will perform on board the historic boats of the Florentine Renaioli, directed by Maestro Benucci. They will be joined by the more than 100 elements of the Italian Brass Week Ensemble from the riva dei Canottieri, coming from 34 countries around the world, directed by M° Lito Fontana.
The public will be surrounded by the sounds that will join the Arno, our "Blue Gold" to be protected and preserved, the primary source of life. The musicians will perform this world premiere in a unique way, the sound of the Brass will join extraordinarily versatile instruments, built with simple garden hoses, with funnels of various sizes, bottles and plastic containers for the percussionists.
* in collaboration with the Società Canottieri Firenze and the cultural association 'I Renaioli', with the contribution of Publiacqua SPA