XXIV International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

23 Luglio

Welcome Party at Le Pavoniere

Welcome Party at Le Pavoniere

The Italian Brass Week "Welcome Party" is organized in collaboration with "Le Pavoniere", which, like every year, hosts this concert which includes a "Crescendo of Emotions".

At 9.00 pm the Braxican Brass Quintet will perform, emerging Mexican artists, who will bring music from their customs and musical traditions to the Florentine public.

At 9.30 pm the IBW Jazz House Band with 2 international soloists, Zoltan Kiss and Rex Richardson will give life to a Jazz evening under the stars.
Fixed appointment of the Festival, the "Welcome Party" is a precious moment of Friendship in Music. Endless chats about styles, models, genres, technical elements, emotions, revealed secrets. A workshop of creativity, ideas and ideas, imagination and improvisation that increase Knowledge, bringing new sources of Light into Music and Brass.

Free entrance for Festival members.

Entrance with donation for the public.

Open to the public from 8.30pm

Reservations for dinner:

Reservation is required for aperitif and dinner.