XXIII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week




Arezzo Brass City
Arezzo, historic center of the city
Closing day of the 23rd Italian Brass Week International Festival

10.30 am | Casa Vasari Museum
Portraits of an artist in music
The Soloists:
Jens Lindemann \ Andrea Tofanelli - trumpets
Giovanni Hoffer \ Stefan de Leval Jezierski - horns
Zoltan Kiss - trombone
Øystein Baadsvik - tuba
The soloists of the Festival will recall, in Music, the greatest Aretine personalities starting from the Basilica of San Francesco, which houses the cycle of Frescoes of the True Cross by Piero della Francesca and the Crucifix by Cimabue, secret and suggestive harmonies will resound; from the Roman Amphitheater the traces of the Etruscan-Roman city will resurface with those perfect cosmic balances of the brass sounds in honor of Apollo, god of the Sun, Music and Harmony. And still musical dialogues with the Chimera d'Arezzo, that monster generated by Tifone and Echidna, sister of Cerberus of Dante's memory, three-headed infernal dog, personification of the Tempest, discovered in 1553 in the countryside of Arezzo and restored by Benvenuto Cellini, with Francesco Petrarca, in the city theater dedicated to him, with the Medici architect Giorgio Vasari and in the company of the musical architectures of the late Renaissance.


11.30 am | Ivan Bruschi House Museum
Portraits of an artist in music
The Soloists:
Francisco Pacho Flores \ Andrea Dell'Ira - trumpets
Luca Benucci - horn
Lito Fontana - trombone
Luciano De Luca \ Bastien Baumet - euphonium
Andrea Trovat - piano
A musical, artistic, literary, sacred and profane journey in one of the most evocative and fascinating Tuscan cities, "the decisive hotbed of Italian civilization", as stated by Jacques Heurgon.

17.00 | Abbey of Sante Flora and Lucilla
Resonate Fibris
Italian Brass Week Ensemble
Director: Øystein Baadsvik

18.00 | Basilica of San Francesco
Resonate Fibris
Italian Brass Week Ensemble
Director: Lito Fontana

18:30 | AperiJazz on the Ivan Bruschi Terrace
Alò Jazz Trio: Alberto Serpente - piano, Mauro Maurizi - double bass, Duccio Venturini - drums

The Soloists:
Jens Lindemann \ Andrea Tofanelli - trumpets
Giovanni Hoffer \ Stefan De Leval Jezierski - horns
Zoltan Kiss - trombone

20:30 | Terrace of the Palace of the Province
Musicians group of the Giostra del Saracino

9.00 pm MAIN EVENT | World Premiere | Churchyard of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donato
Composition by Arnaldo De Felice for reciting voice, brass and bell ensemble from Arezzo
Narrator: Sabina Von Walther
The world premiere performance of Maestro De Felice's composition, commissioned by the Festival, combines reciting voice, brass ensemble and Arezzo bells. Those bells that make up the fil rouge with the first Florentine world performance of the previous day, which bind Dante to Arezzo, Pier Paolo Pasolini and Piero della Francesca. The sound of bells at sunset evoked by Dante in Canto VIII of Purgatory marries the Canti delle Campane Pasolini and materializes in the new artistic creation, born from that skilful compositional craftsmanship of Canova's mold of Maestro De Felice.
The sound of the bells is the sound of the community that lives in an ancient territory, which lives on the history of its city; makes the walls of the houses vibrate, resounds far away, marks the passage of time. The sound of the bells is a symbol of life, of the fleeting time of human existence, of the same burning and tense time that flows inexorably. That sound coexists with the noises of everyday life, of children laughing or crying, of communities that find themselves conversing, living together. The bells praise peace, against that war denial of life. Composing the music of the bells is wanting to be inspired by and by peace, by and by the joy of living. ", Affirms the composer who weaves an interweaving of vibrant sounds and texts, now sung now sung, recalling the artists who have left traces of themselves in Arezzo.

9:30 pm | Churchyard of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Donato
Italian Brass Week Ensemble
Conductor: Luca Benucci


10.30 pm | Piazza Grande
Brass Stars in Jazz
Sunrise Big Band
The soloists of the Italian Brass Week:
Jens Lindemann, Andrea Tofanelli - trumpets
Giovanni Hoffer - horn
Zoltan Kiss - trombone
The final appointment of Arezzo Brass City is entrusted to Jazz and allows us to savor those sounds born of the heart, love, mind, ingenuity, imagination, passion, the body that emits sensorial vibrations.
A path of synaesthesia, a set of sensory perceptions, knowledge and emotions that find voice in Jazz improvisations, in that creative freedom of the artist and his instrument, representation of the infinite in the finite, gift of invention and wonder, harmonious balance of beauty in nature and ideal beauty, teacher of the realm of sensations and emotions that opens us to new worlds, regenerates us, makes us live intense moments, in a crescendo of emotions, under the sky of Arezzo.

With the patronage of the Municipality of Arezzo, Province of Arezzo
In collaboration with the Guido d'Arezzo Foundation, Thevenin Institute, Ivan Bruschi Foundation, Casa Vasari Museum, Basilica of San Francesco, Badia delle Sante Flora and Lucilla