XXIII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week

Zoltan Kiss
Fabrice Millischer
Lito Fontana
Gabriele Malloggi
From 1st until 8th August 2021
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Italian Brass Week 2022

Florence, July 24-30

Arezzo, July 31 Arezzo Brass Day

For this edition, the following activities will be guaranteed to all festival subscribers included in the membership-membership fee that must be paid at the time of your Application:

  • Liability insurance for all participants (does not include theft and damage to property tools and personal effects);
  • Student Secretariat active for every need - available every day for further information about Hotels, Restaurants and everything you need to feel good in Florence. The students' Tutors will be your contact persons for any doubts and needs during the festival. The first day they will make you discover the beauty and grandeur of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino theater, they will indicate the protocol to be observed and show you the different classrooms where you will take lessons;
  • 2 30-minute lessons with each teacher that can be scheduled through an app that will be forwarded to you once registration has been regularized;
  • July 24 registration, orientation, Wings to Talent award, possible tests for all students;
  • From 25 to 30 August every day from 8.15 am the Breathing Gym which will take place outdoors;
  • From 25 to 30 August every day there will be singing and chamber music lessons for which the ensemble must be selected
  • During the festival there will be two concerts, of which a happening, where you will be the protagonists;
  • Free admission to evening concerts where the Artists of the Italian Brass Week will perform;
  • The diplomas will be delivered on 31 July, participation is the one relating to the winners of the Wings to Talent 2022 award.

Anti-contagion protocol:

Italian Brass Week cares about your safety and To ensure the safety of everything and prevent Coronavirus contagion, compliance with simple rules of conduct is required, such as:

  • At the beginning of the festival you will find a station where you can perform the serological test, if you want to perform the test yourself, it must not be earlier than 48 before the start of the festival. The procedure will be repeated every 48 hours in accordance with the law;
  • Daily measurement of body temperature at the entrance;
  • Maintaining interpersonal distance and mandatory use of a mask.

Please refer to the competent health authorities regarding the health regulations that students arriving from abroad will have to follow.

Max members
200 membership fee (tutti) 300 complete campus, or 150 for 2 teachers
Horn Campus
Trumpet Campus
Trombone Campus
Tuba Campus
Euphonium Campus
International Award

Zoltan Kiss

July 25 - 31st

International Soloist

Born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1980, Zoltán was largely self-taught, developing his technique through being inspired by leading trumpet players.

He attended the Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, winning a handful of national competitions both as a soloist and with chamber ensembles.

Zoltán was invited to audition for the Austrian brass septet Mnozil Brass in 2005, for which he now tours the world performing in over 100 concerts per year.

He has released three albums to date including Slideshow (2010), Rebelión (2011), and Non-Stop (2014).

In 2014, Zoltán was appointed as International Trombone Tutor for the The Philip Jones Centre for Brass (Royal Northern College of Music) in Manchester, United Kingdom.

Zoltán plays exclusively on his signature trombones, Kissbone and KissboneX, designed in collaboration with Austrian maker, Schagerl. 

His self-designed Zoltán Kiss edition mouthpiece is produced by Latsch Custom Brass in Germany.  

Whenever time permits, Zoltán engages himself as a guest soloist, educator, or adjudicator.

Fabrice Millischer

July 25 - 29th

Tenor Trombone

Upon winning rst prize in the ARD International Music Competition, Fabrice Millischer is recognised as one of the most gifted contemporary trombone players in Europe. The 28-year-old is to date the rst and only winner of this challenging competition in the category of trombone. He is well known not only among professional musicians, but also among those fond of classical music in general.

Millischer started his musical education at the Conservatoire of Toulouse. Exposed to music since childhood, his love for music started with the piano, turned to the cello and ultimately to the trombone. He studied both instruments at the Conservatory of Toulouse and obtained highest marks on his graduation exams. Yet undecided between cello and trombone, he entered the CNSMD of Lyon where he took master classes on the trombone with Michel Becquet and Alain Manfrin and on the sackbut with Daniel Lassalle. At the same time, he continued his education on the cello at the CNSMD of Paris, taught by Philippe Muller, Roland Pidoux and Xavier Philips.

In 2006 Millischer formed the quartet called “Quartbone” with Aurélien Honoré, Jean-Philippe Navrez and Fabien Dornic. The “Quartbone” devoted its work to the topic of the development of the trombone from the Baroque period until the present.

Fabrice Millischer is frequently on tour with such famous Baroque groups as “Le Concert de Nations” under the direc- tion of Jordi Savall, “Sasqueboutiers” conducted by Daniel Lassalle and Jean-Pierre Canihac, and “Insula Orchestra” by Laurence Equilbey.

A soloist in frequent demand, he has been invited to play with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, the State Hermitage Orchestra in St. Petersburg, the National Orchestra of the Capitol in Tou- louse, the Symphony Orchestra in Cannes and the Ukrainian National Orchestra. On his tours Millischer has visited Washington, Beijing, Tokio, Seoul, Munich, Geneva and Paris (to name a few) and has participated in festivals devoted to brass instruments (e.g. the Eastern Trombone Workshop, the Epsival, the Cuivres en Dombes, the Limoux Cuivrée Spéciale).

Since 2008 Fabrice Millischer has been solo trombonist with the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Saarbrücken/ Kaiserslautern.

Taking a great interest in the music of our time, he has contributed to the creation of a number of works for the trombone. Many contemporary musical pieces have been composed and dedicated to Fabrice Millischer: “Trombone Concerto for Trombone and Brass Ensemble” by Jean Guillou, “Trombone Concerto for Trombone and Orchestra” by Patrick Burgan (referred to as “La chute de Lucifer”), “Libretto” by Etienne Perruchon and “L’appel sauvage” by Alain Celo.

Besides winning the rst prize in the ARD International Music Competition in Munich, he has also been laure-
ate in other international competitions for the trombone: Budapest (2005) and the competition of Sacqueboute in Toulouse (2006). Since 2009 he has been an active participant in the“Déclic” Programme of the AFAA (Association française d’action artistique) which promotes young talents. Also in 2009 he was awarded the Silver Medal of the Academy of Arts and Letters.
In 2011 Millischer became the rst trombonist to be awarded the rst prize in the category “Revelation Instrumental Soloist” by the “Victoires de la Musique Classique.” In the same year, he was recognized by the prestigious Académie Charles-Cros (Charles Cros Academy) with its grand prize.

Despite his young age, Fabrice Millischer is a highly sought Professor of Trombone. In 2008 he taught at the Conserv- atoire Paul Dukas in Paris and in 2009 he became Professor of Trombone at the Hochschule für Music Saar (Saarland College of Music). This made him the youngest professor for trombone in Germany. Moreover, he is regularly invited to give master classes in France and Europe as well as in other parts of the world: in Washington, Beijing, Quebec.

In 2013 he was appointed Professor of Trombone at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg (Freiburg Conservatory of Music).

Fabrice Millischer is presently working with Antoine Courtois Paris and plays the Legend 420 NSBHST.

Lito Fontana

July 25 - 31st

Tenor Trombone

Lito Fontana has become one of Europe’s finest trombone players in the Brass world in the last few years .His ability to combine a perfect technique and special fine sound with an extraordinary interpretation is appreciated by the audience as well as by his colleagues.

"Lito has a real great sound. I enjoyed doing the solos and the show with him! “(Allen Vizzutti, trumpet) 

"He is one of my favorite soloists of all times!” (Johan de Meij, composer) 

Born in Argentina Lito was classical trained at the prestigious Conservatoire “Rossini” in Persaro, Italy. In young years he gathered experience performing as principal trombone in classic orchestras as well as in collaboration with musicians as Chet Baker and Billy Cobham. Moving to Austria he joined Juvavum Brass and performed together with James Morrison, Allen Vizzutti, Gabor Tarkövi, Hans Gansch , Roland Szentpali and many others.

Lito has participated with various ensembles in several festivals such as “Tiroler Festspiele”, “Klangspuren Schwaz”, "Sauerländer Herbst" , "Schagerl Brass Festival" and many others and has also been very successful with solo concerts at festivals such as the Spanish Brass Festival in Valencia, MIDEUROPE in Austria and the Music Festival in Budapest. He has performed with the Symphonic Wind Orchestra of Merano and has a close working relationship with internationally renowned musicians such as Vince DeMartino, Frank Pulcini, Ab Koster, Spanish Brass, Oystein Baadsvik, Steven Mead, Patrick Sheridan, Leonard Candelaria, James Watson , T. Doshizer , Johan de Meij, Jose Pascal Vilaplana. 

As soloist of Brass Band Oberösterreich he performed all over Europe as well as guest soloist with European Brass and Wind Bands and got two nominations in the Brassband of the Year 2008 and 2010. “… you hear players like this who can stun you speechless. On the contest stage he was brilliant, on CD, awesome, and on the concert platform he was on a different planet. Boy, can the man play.“ Iwan Fox, 4barsrest

His solo recording “When I walk alone” with Fausto Quintabà on the piano was nominated among the 5 finest new released CDs 2011 by 4barsrest: “ It is hard to think of any superlatives that can do justice to this man's playing. His ability to play in any style with a flexibility of musicianship that borders on the staggering is something else. “4barsrest.

With great enthusiasm he is supporting the evolution of the Brass Band movement in Italy encouraging conductors and friends to form new bands. In 2015 he was elected president of the Italian Brass Band Association (A.I.B.B.).

His new recording “A mi manera” with Brassband Fribourg and conducted by fabulous Robert Childs at its reales at the beginning of June 2014 received immediately a lot of compliments and stunning critics.

He is well regarded as an adjudicator for various national and international competitions and in constant demand as soloist and clinician throughout the world.

Beside this he is educator at the Musikschule Hall and former professor at the Conservatory C. Monteverdi of Bolzano and the Conservatory of Perugia(I). His students are well prepared and among the winners of National competitions as well as well regarded in various orchestras among Europe.

He is internationally endorsed by Schagerl Instruments and plays on new Schagerl trombone “Fontana”.

Gabriele Malloggi

July 24 - 31st

Contrabass Trombone, Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

Gabriele Malloggi was born in Pisa in 1972 and started playing the Trombone at the age of 9 with Maestro A. Andreotti. In 1991 he obtained the Scientific Experimental Maturity "Biologico Sanitaro" and then continued his musical studies with Maestro Walter Carpano at the "Luigi Cherubini" Conservatory of Florence where he graduated in Trombone in 1994.

He perfected and specialized in Contrabass Trombone under the guidance of teachers such as Micha Davis Israel Philarmonic, Charles G. Vernon Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Steve Norrell and MET Opera House in New York.

In 1994 he was selected by the "A.Toscanini" Academy of Imola to take part in the Advanced Course in Orchestra.

From 1995 to 1996 he was Bass Trombone of the Military Band of the Folgore Parachute Brigade, after which he began to collaborate with numerous orchestras.
In 1999, as the winner of the competition, he was chosen by Maestro Zubin Mehta to play the role of Contrabass Trombone in the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra, a role he still plays with world-famous Masters such as C.Abbado, Z.Mehta, S.Ozawa, W.Sawallish, R.Muti, V.Giergiev and many others.

Today, as well as being part of "Gli Ottoni del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino", he collaborates with important musical institutions such as the Teatro alla Scala Orchestra, Filarmonica della Scala, Accademia di Santa Cecila Orchestra, La Fenice GranTeatro also as a Contrabass Trombonist .

He teaches Trombone at the Italian Brass Week, has an intense teaching activity taking master classes in Italy but also in Japan, the United States and South America and is often present in commissions of competitions in the Orchestra.

He started in 2007 to collaborate with the S.E. Shires Co as SHIRES ARTIST in the development of the bass trombone.

He plays a S.E. Shires mod.BII 7 YM with an ANONIMO Mouthpiece