XXV International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week


Italia Brass Week 2015

FLORENCE 19-26 JULY 2015
The “Italian Brass Week” International Brass Festival has been a sought-after stage in the training course of thousands of young people from all over the world for 16 years. The festival in its 16th edition was realized for the first time entirely in Florence, from 19 to 26 July.
The Italian Brass Week is now a fixed appointment in the educational path of many students, and the festival wants to make Florence a point of reference for young people from all over the world.
- High educational and concert level, guaranteed by musicians from the largest and most prestigious orchestras and universities in the world such as: Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Indiana University, Rice University, North Western University, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Australian Navy Band, Orchestra of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, Deutsche Radio Philharmonie, Simon Bolivar Orchestra and internationally renowned freelance soloists;
- Internationality of the festival, musicians and students from all over the world - Stimulate cultural exchange between young Italian and foreign musicians
- Bringing a wider audience closer to the world of brass, thanks to concerts in the city square and palaces
Unesco, Unicef, Emma for Peace, Region of Florence, Province of Florence, Municipality of Florence, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Canadian Embassy, American Consulate, European Brass Association, World Brass Association, Rotary Club Brunelleschi
Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Il Nido di Pippi, Friends of the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Association, Stibbert Museum, Cultural Association "I Renaioli", Società Canottieri of Florence, Winds and Song Press of Chicago (USA)
Estate Fiorentina, ANBIMA, Yamaha, Consolat de Mar, Publiacqua, Ed. Kruspe, Buffet Group, Oberrauch, Frate Precision, Bach, Courtois
Media partner:

Classic Tuscany Network, Show Stop, Pocket Tuscany, Nova Radio, Radio Rosa
Festival numbers:
80 students from 25 countries around the world
15 teachers from: United States, Canada, South America, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, China, Australia
8 concerts in 7 different locations: Florence Opera House, Church of SS. Annunziata, Stibbert Museum, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Piazza Santo Spirito, Arengario of Piazza della Signoria, Arno River.
Releases on sector websites: Forumtromba.it, World-Brass-Association.com, Frateprecision.it, Trumpetland.com, Trombone.net, Bomaestro.blogspots.it, Pachoflores.com, hornistengenootschap.nl, lescuivres.forumusic.com, trumpetguild.org, britishtrombonesociety.org
Institutional websites: Senato.it, italy.nlembassy.org, canadainternational.gc.ca
Posting of 200 70 * 100 and 50 * 70 posters
10.0000 Flyers and 2000 Brochures distributed through InformaCittà and the staff of the Italian Brass Week, at libraries and the most important cultural sites in the city
Press conference - Altana del Museo del Novecento July 16 at 11 am
Webmagazine and online newspapers: corrierefiorentino.corriere.it, ilreporter.it, firenzemadeintuscany.com, 055firenze.it, eventa.it, eventioggi.net, pinterest.com, wherevent.com, allevent.in
Press media of the sector: Musical Awakening (n.2 March-April 2015), Suonare news-il monthly dei musicisti (June 2015), Informacittà (July-August 2015), Florence is you (July 2015), Toscana Tascabile (July- August 2015), Amadeus-the monthly of great music (July 2015)
Newspapers: Corriere Fiorentino (July 17), Corriere Fiorentino (July 18), Corriere Fiorentino (July 19) La Nazione (July 21), Corriere Fiorentino (July 24), Corriere Fiorentino (July 25), La Repubblica (July 25), La Nazione (July 26), Corriere Fiorentino (July 26).
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Thursday 16 July 2015 - press conference, Altana del Novecento museum
Sunday 19 July 2015 - first day of the Italian Brass Week: auditions and evening concert at the Teatro dell’Opera in Florence (Ottoni del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Dale Clevenger)

Monday 20 July 2015 - Masterclasses, evening concert in the Church of SS. Annunziata (Brass in the Baroque; Otto Sauter, Alain Trudel, Luca Benucci, Jörgen Van Rijen, Han Xiao-Ming, Pacho Flores, Andrea Dell’Ira)

Tuesday 21 July 2015 - Masterclasses, evening concert at the Stibbert Museum (Virtusi at the Museum; Otto Sauter, Alain Trudel, Luca Benucci, Jörgen Van Rijen, Pacho Flores, Andrea Dell’Ira, Charlie Geyer, Barbara Butler, Fletcher Mitchell, Steve Rosse)

Wednesday 22 July 2015 - Masterclasses, evening concert at Palazzo Medici Riccardi (Tribute to Arnold Jacobs, the students of the Italian Brass Week)

Thursday 23 July 2015 - Masterclasses and conference "Campus Corno", evening concert in Piazza Santo Spirito (Brass and wine in a midsummer night, the students of the Italian Brass Week in the International Brass Ensemble, directed by Luca Benucci)

Friday 24 July 2015- Masterclasses and conference "Campus Trombone", evening concert on the Arno river (Water Music by Händel, directed by Dale Clevenger)

Saturday 25 July 2015 - Masterclasses and conference "Campus Tuba", evening concert at the Arengario in Piazza della Signoria (students of the Italian Brass Week in United Brass Ensemble, directed by Roger Bobo and in International Brass Ensemble, directed by Luca Benucci)

Sunday 26 July 2015 - Masterclasses and conference "Campus Tromba", evening concert at the Teatro dell'Opera di Firenze (Closing concert of the Italian Brass Week, Otto Sauter, Pacho Flores, Andrea Dell'Ira, Charlie Geyer, Barbara Butler, Luca Benucci, Han Xiao-Ming, Jörgen Van Rijen,, Fletcher Mitchell, Steve Rosse directed by Alain Trudel)