XXII International Brass Festival Italian Brass Week


Italian Brass Week 2009

Masters will be held from August 18th to 24th by Teachers of international standing throughout the Festival, and have the purpose to improve young Italian and foreign musicians. By now a consolidate and appreciated reality at international level, in this 10° edition news will be proposed either in teachers presence or in concerts programming. A real opportunity of comparison for the brasses world.

Teachers and experts of high reputation will participate to masters and concerts of the "ITALIAN BRASS WEEK", together with members of the brasses section of the Canadian Brass, Orchestra of Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Orchestra of Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia in Roma, Suisse Romande’s Orchestra, Wiener Philarmoniker, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Italian and European Conservatories and other world-wide reputation soloist.

The town becomes alive with the sound of magical notes providing a musical backdrop in a magnificent setting, turning Santa Fiora into the music capital of Monte Amiata.

This Event is realized with the participation of Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, Boston University-Brass Department, Mannes College of Music in New York, Roosevelt University-Brass Department in Chicago, Royal Academy of Music in Londra.

Courses take place in local schools and the concerts are held in some of the town's most charming locations, including the fish pond and parish church, with its extraordinary della Robbia ceramics, and the Cloisters of the Monastero della Selva, all renowned for their spectacular architecture and ideal acoustics. Concerts are also held in the town's many squares.

Horn Campus

  • Barry Tuckwell - International Soloist "The Horn's Legend"
  • Luca Benucci - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Orchestra
  • Jonathan Williams - BBC Symphony Orchestra


Trumpet Campus

  • Giancarlo Parodi - Conservatory "G. Frescobaldi" of Ferrara
  • Davide Simoncini - Conservatory "B. Maderna" of Cesena
  • Fabrizio Fabrizi - San Carlo Theatre Orchestra
  • Jens Lindemann - International Soloist, ex-Canadian Brass
  • Andrea Tofanelli - International Soloist
  • Andrea Dell'Ira - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Orchestra


Trombone Campus

  • Andrea Conti - Orchestra of Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia in Roma
  • Andrea Bandini - Suisse Romande’s Orchestra & Conservatory of Ginevra
  • Michel Becquet - Conservatory of Lione


Tuba Campus

  • James Gourlay - International Soloist
  • Alessandro Fossi - Musik Hochschule in Trossingen


Junior Brass

  • Mirko Rabitti
  • Lorenzo D'Attoma


Brass Chamber Music and Ensemble

  • Luca Benucci





Barry TuckwellInternational Soloist “The Horn’s Legend” (August 18th-23th)






Luca BenucciMaggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Orchestra (August 17th-23th)





Jonathan WilliamsBBC Symphony Orchestra (August 17th-23th)

 Horn Campus’s Fee: 300,00 Euro

Individual lessons with all the teachers, 15 minutes per day for every teacher.

Max 20 members


Giancarlo ParodiConservatory “G. Frescobaldi” of Ferrara (August 17th-23th)

Davide SimonciniConservatory “B. Maderna” of Cesena (August 17th-23th)

PierobonConservatory “C. Monteverdi” of Bolzano (August 20th-23th)

Jens LindemannInternational Soloist, ex-Canadian Brass (August 18th-23th)

Andrea TofanelliInternational Soloist, Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali "O.Vecchi - A.Tonelli" of Modena (August 17th-23th)

Andrea Dell’Ira - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Orchestra (August 17th-18th)


Trumpet Campus’s Fee: 300,00 Euro

Individual lessons with all the teachers, 15 minutes per day for every teacher.

Max 35 members

Allen VizzuttiInternational Soloist (August 18th-23th)


Individual Master with Allen Vizzutti: 350,00 Euro

Individual lessons will the teachers, 30 minutes per day.

Max 12 members



Andrea ContiOrchestra of Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia in Roma (August 17th-23th)

Ian BousfieldWiener Philarmoniker (August 17th-23th)

Andrea BandiniSuisse Romande’s Orchestra & Conservatory of Ginevra (August 17th-18th)

Michel BecquetConservatory of Lione (August 17th-18th)


Trombone Campus’s Fee: 300,00 Euro

Individual lessons with all the teachers, 15 minutes per day for every teacher.

Max 15 members



James GourlayInternational Soloist (August 17th-23th)

Mario BarsottiMaggio Musicale Fiorentino’s Orchestra (17th-20th)

 Alessandro FossiOchestra of Accademia of Santa Cecilia in Roma (August 21th-23th)


Tuba Campus’s Fee: 300,00 Euro

Individual lessons with all the teachers, 15 minutes per day for every teacher.

Max 12 members



Teachers: Mirko Rabitti, Lorenzo D’Attoma

These courses are dedicated to young italian and abroad musicians wanting to face a serious but funny formation course, together with other young musicians. The Junior Brass is different from other courses and masters organized in the same event: it tries to find young people from 6 to 18 years old, needed to create an ensemble, who will have its glory at the end of the courses. 3 hours of individual lesson a day are granted, as well as 2 hours of music together.

There's a limit of 20 pupils.

The course costs 50,00 Euro, plus 10,00 Euro of fee.



For Master Application and further information: www.italianbrassweek.com - www.santafiorainmusica.com

e-mail: santafiorainmusica@gmail.com




August 17th

Santa Fiora - Parco de "La Peschiera", ore 21.30


Trumpets: Davide Simoncini, Fabrizio Fabbrizzi

Horn: Luca Benucci

Trombone: Andrea Conti

Tuba: Mario Barsotti


August 18th

Santa Fiora - Chiesa di Sant´Agostino, ore 21.30


Trombone: Andrea Conti, Ian Bousfield, Michel Becquet, Andrea Bandini


August 19th

Santa Fiora - Chiesa di Sant´Agostino, ore 21.30


Trumpets: Allen Vizzutti, Jens Lindemann, Andrea Tofanelli, Marco Pierobon


August 20th

Santa Fiora, ore 21.30


Conductor: Burry Tuckwell


August 21th

Santa Fiora - Piazza del Borgo, ore 21.30


Trumpets: Marco Pierobon, Marco Braito

Horn: Nilo Caracristi

Trombone: Gianluca Scipioni

Tuba: Oswald Prader


August 22th

Santa Fiora - Piazza Garibaldi, ore 21.30


Special Guests: Luca Benucci, Michel Becquet, Barry Tuckwell, Jonathan Williams, Davide Simoncini, Giancarlo Parodi, Jens Lindemann, Andrea Tofanelli, Allen Vizzutti, James Gourlay


August 23th

Santa Fiora - Centro storico, dalle 17.00 alle 20.00



Conductor: Jean Pierre Mathez

Santa Fiora - Auditorium "La Peschiera", ore 22.00


Trumpet Guest Stars: Jens Lindemann, Allen Vizzutti, Andrea Tofanelli, Davide Simoncini



1st International Trombone Solo Competition

Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena), Tuscany – Italy

August 25th-27th


The Castelnuovo Berardenga Municipality (Siena, Tuscany-Italy) and the Province of Siena, with the collaboration of Santa Fiora Municipality (Grosseto, Tuscany-Italy), Province of Grosseto and the “La Settima Musa” Cultural Association are pleased to announce and organize the 1st INTERNATIONAL TROMBONE SOLO COMPETITION. This competition is open to all trombone players, regardless of age, and is designed to promote and develop musical culture locally as well as nationally and internationally.



ART. 1

The 1st International Trombone Solo Competition will take place in Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena (Tuscany-Italy), from August 25th to August 27th, 2009.


ART. 2

The purpose of the 1st International Trombone Solo Competition is to promote musical culture and to discover and support talented trombone players, encouraging them to start a soloist career.


ART. 3

The 1st International Trombone Solo Competition is open to all trombone players, Italian and abroad.


ART. 4

The 1st International Trombone Solo Competition will develop in only one category, without age’s limits


ART. 5

Memorization of the repertory is encouraged but not required, except for the final round which must be performed from memory.


ART. 6

At the beginning of the rounds, the contestants must give a copy of the pieces they have chosen to perform (sheet music) to the Jury. The Jury has the option to stop any performance if it is not considered worthy to advance to the following round, or for any other reason deemed appropriate during the course of the competition.


ART. 7

The Jury :

  • Ian Bousfiel, principal Trombone of Wiener Philarmoniker

  • Andrea Conti, principal Trombone of Ochestra of Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia in Roma

  • Andrea Bandini, principal Trombone of Orchestre de la Suisse Romande & teacher of Conservatory of Ginevra (Svizzera)

  • Michel Becquet, teacher of Conservatory of Lyon (Francia)


If any Juror becomes unavailable for any reason, that Juror will be replaced by an equally reputable artist.


ART. 8

Award winners chosen by the competition judges will be considered final and unquestionable. The Jury has full authority to make any decision that is beneficial to the competition’s operation.


ART. 9

Family members of the Jury are disqualified from competing.


ART. 10

The calendar of rounds will be announced by July 15th, 2009. Participants wishing to communicate with competition officials must do so by using the following email address: infoitscompetition@gmail.com.


All rounds of the competition are open to the public. Order of appearance in each round will be determined by the drawing of lots for an alphabetical letter. Participants are required to present a valid identification document and must be present at the time and date specified by the organization. Contestants arriving late will be accepted to the competition ONLY upon unanimous decision of the Jury.


ART. 11

Contestants must specify in their application form if they need a professional piano accompanist provided by the organization or if they will bring their own accompanist at their own expense. The additional fee for the piano accompanist, if provided by the organization, is 25,00 Euros and must be added to the application fee.


ART. 12

If the level of the contestants is not considered worthy to be awarded, the Jury can decide to avoid giving any awards. That decision will be considered final.


ART. 13




First Day – August 25th, 2009

First round

F. Pacciani (*1947) Ritornelli (2000) - trombone solo (6') - Editions Bim (TB59)

C. M. von Weber (1786-1826) Romanza appassionata - trombone & piano (7') - Kalmus


Second round

Malcolm Arnold (1921-2006) Fantasy - trombone solo (4') - Faber (Ref- 0571503233)

Chr. Gouinguené (*1941) Concerto - trombone & piano (12') - Billaudot (G.B. 1892)


Second Day – August 26th, 2009

Third round

one piece to choose beetween:

Henri Tomasi (1901-1971) Concerto (1957) trombone & piano (14') - Leduc (AL 21 687)

Nino Rota (1911-1979) Concerto (1966) trombone & piano (14') - Ricordi Milano

Gordon Jacobs (1895-1984) Concerto (1955) trombone & piano (18') - Stainer & Bell (Ref. 2630)


Final (obligatory pieces):

Kurt Sturzenegger (*1949) B.A.C.H. Fantaisie (1985) - trombone alone (5') - Editions Bim (TB6)

Frank Martin (1890-1974) Ballade (1940) - trombone and piano (7') - Universal (UE Vienna)


Third Day – August 27th, 2009

Winners’ Concert and Awards Ceremony.


Pieces would be required to Spaeth’s publishing house:


Tel. ++49-7452-818 454


ART. 14

The Jury votes on a scale from 1 to 100 for the final round, according to criteria decided before the beginning of the final round itself.


ART. 15


First Prize: 2.000,00 Euros and certificate of winner.

The finalist getting the highest score (score must be 93 or higher) will win the 1st prize. In the case of a tie, the prize will be divided equally between the winners. If none of the finalists receives a score of 93 or higher, the first prize will not be awarded.


Second Prize: 1.000,00 Euros and certificate of second place.

The finalist getting the second highest score (score must be 85 or higher) will win the 2nd prize. In the case of a tie, the prize will be divided equally between the winners. If none of the finalists receives a score of 85 or higher, the second prize will not be awarded.


Third Prize: 500,00 Euros and certificate of third place.

The finalist getting the third highest score (score must be 80 or higher) will win the 3rd prize. In case of a tie, the prize will be divided equally between the winners. If none of the finalists receives a score of 80 or higher, the third prize will not be awarded.


ART. 16

All contestants will receive a certificate of participation. All finalists who are not winners will receive a special certificate.


ART. 17

The Jury can assign one or more special prizes to any contestant showing particular musical merits during performances.


ART. 18

Winners must be present at the final concert and awards ceremony. Any winner not attending the concert and ceremony will forfeit his/her prize. Prizes will not be sent to winners at a later date. They will only be presented at the awards ceremony on August 27th, 2009.


The Jury has full authority to invite any contestant showing particular musical talent to perform at the final concert, even if that contestant was not among the finalists.



GENERAL RULES applying to the



ART. 19

The (non-refundable) application fee for the 1st INTERNATIONAL TROMBONE SOLO COMPETITION is 60,00 Euros. Contestants who need a piano accompanist must add an additional 25,00 Euros to their application fee. Fees must be paid by postal order to:


Cultural Association “La Settima Musa”


Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 13

50123 - Firenze



The application must include:

1) A letter of application including full name, birthplace and date of birth, address, phone/mobile/fax number, e-mail and nationality.

2) The receipt of the application fee payment (contestants who need a pianist accompanist must add 25,00 Euros).

3) A one-page typed curriculum vitae.

4) A copy of a document proving identity and birth (passport, identity card, driver’s licence).


Postmark deadline for applications is August 15th, 2009.


Applications must be sent by one of the following ways:

A) Post service, by recorded-delivery letter to the same address indicated for the postal order payment. Letters must be postmarked by August 15th, 2009.

B) E-mail, to the following address: infoitscompetition@gmail.com, including all documents required in pdf format. The organization will reply by e-mail confirming the acceptance of the applications.


Incomplete or tardy applications will be accepted only on favourable, final and unquestionable decision of the organization and of the Jury, otherwise they will not be considered.


ART. 20

Participants can ask for copy of the pieces listed for the competition, but only after the acceptance of their applications. For further information, please contact infoitscompetition@gmail.com


ART. 21

The “La Settima Musa” Cultural Association assumes no responsibility and will be held blameless for any kind of property damage or theft to any contestant during the entire course of the competition.


ART. 22

Contestants applying to participate in the 1st INTERNATIONAL TROMBONE SOLO COMPETITION understand and accept completely and unconditionally the organization’s rules and regulations.





www.italianbrassweek.com - www.santafiorainmusica.com

e-mail: italianbrassweek@libero.it / santafiorainmusica@gmail.com


For information about 1st International Trombone Solo Competition:






August 24th


Guest: Wycliffe Gordon


August 25th

Recital of Michel Becquet


August 26th

Recital of Ian Bousfield


August 27th

Winners’s Concert & Awards Ceremony


August 28th

Big Band in Concerto

Guest: Rudy Migliardi