XXV FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE degli Ottoni Italian Brass Week


Italian Brass Week 2013


Italian Brass Week 2013 Season (English)
IBW Staff and Students 2012
IBW Staff and Students 2012

Dear Students, Teachers, Colleagues, Friends,
The Italian Brass Week 2013 programs, teachers, and dates have been defined. We've got great lodging and transportation worked out, and all for YOU to come to Cesena-Bertinoro from 21-28 July, 2013.

Our special guests this year include the "Golden Horn Brass Ensemble" from Turkey, Roland Szentpali (IBW Tuba Soloist, 2013 Resident Composer), Stefan Johnsson (2013 Guest Composer), and Filippo Lattanzi (IBW Percussion Soloist, World-Class virtuoso)

The formative education schedule has been set as follows:

9:00-13:00: Individual Lessons

13:00-13:30: Collective Masterclass

13:30-15:00: Lunch Break

15:00-16:00: Brass Chamber Music rehearsals

16:00-17:00: Brass Ensemble Rehearsals  (ensemble A: classical programs, Ensemble B: special project)

17:00-18:00: Teacher Ensemble Rehearsals

18:00-19:00: Orchestral Excerpts class

19:00-21:30: Dinner

***IBW Staff Reserves the right to change scheduling as necessity may dictate.

Below is our Official 2013 IBW Program Outlook

Come experience the 14th Summer Season of…

IBW International Festival for Brass Musicians, by Brass Musicians

July 21-28, 2013 - Cesena-Bertinoro, Italy


What makes the IBW Festival unique?

EXPERIENCE- One of the longest (14 years) continually running festivals focused on each brass instrument.

VARIETY– 17 world-class teachers and staff hailing from all corners of the globe.

TRADITION- Bel Canto has been the heart of Italian music making since the beginning. IBW, unlike many other brass festivals, propounds this method in order to perform effectively with brass instruments.

ENSEMBLES- Play and perform with each of the following: Orchestral Repertoire Ensemble, Brass Quintets, and the International Brass Ensemble.

OPPORTUNITIES- European sponsors and exhibitors will bring various products from their catalogues for students to test during the week.

COMPETE- Scholarships will be awarded to winners of a Concerto Competition at the end of IBW.

CULTURAL EXCHANGE- Meet students from around the world, share meals with guest artists, and enjoy the history of music, food, and culture in Cesena-Bertinoro.

CONCERTS- Enjoy nightly concerts held by members of the IBW teaching faculty and Artists in Residence. The entire Historical Centre of Cesena will be at our disposal for our "Brass and Jazz" event, which will have 10+ simultaneous brass groups playing for local businesses, residents, and tourists.

DIVERSITY- Since its inception in 2000, IBW has had over one thousand student participants from over 20 countries. Students and teachers alike return home from IBW with a more panoramic perspective of varying traditions and cultures.

PERFORM- Play in the Historic Centres of Cesena and Bertinoro to live audiences.


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Artists and Staff


Luca Benucci - Principal, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra

Hermann Baumann - Horn Legend and Virtuoso

Yoel Abadi - 2nd Chair, Israel Philharmonic

Rodolfo Epelde - Spanish National Orchestra



Joe Burgstaller - Ex Canadian Brass, International Soloist

Rex Richardson - Jazz Virtuoso, International Soloist

Davide Simoncini - Principal, Opera di Roma

Andrea Dell'Ira - Principal, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra

Giancarlo Parodi - Professor, "C. Monteverdi" Conservatory of Bolzano, Italy



Ian Bousfield - International Soloist

Daniele Morandini - Principal, Teatro alla Scala di Milano

Vincenzo Paratore - Principal, Teatro Massimo Bellini di Catania



Øystein Baadsvik - International Soloist

Sergio Carolino - International Soloist

Roland Szentpali - International Soloist

Alessandro Fossi - International Soloist



Filippo Lattanzi – International Soloist

Daniele Sabatani – Cesena Conservatory “B. Maderna”


IBW Fees and Housing Options

Full IBW Program

€400 (€80 Application, €320 Tuition)

Housing and Meal Plans (Prices per person, per day)

Single - €31

Double - €26

Triple - €21

Breakfast Buffet - €5

Dinner Service - €13


How to Arrive

Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro - Via Frangipane, 6 Bertinoro (FC)

Conservatorio di Musica “Bruno Maderna” – Corso Comandini, 1 – 47521 Cesena (FC)


By Air:


Bologna “Guglielmo Marconi” International Airport (BLQ)

            €6 Bus Shuttle from BLQ to Bologna Centrale Train Station

Rimini “Miramare” (RMI)

            Taxi service to Rimini Train Station

Forli “L. Ridolfi” Airport (FRL)

            Taxi service to Forli Train Station

***Students arriving at other Italian Airports can ask for Travel Assistance from the IBW Secretary

By Train:


For Students staying at CEUB (Centro Universitario di Bertinoro), the closest train station to Bertinoro is the “Forlimpopoli-Bertinoro” station, on the Piacenza-Ancona “Regionale” line.

Due to varying train schedules, alternative and equidistant stops on the Piacenza-Ancona “Regionale Veloce” line are Cesena and Forli, with bus and taxi services to Forlimpopoli.

***Students who are unfamiliar with the Italian train system can contact the IBW Secretary for Travel Assistance

By Car:


Students wishing to drive their own vehicles may use the A14 Autostrada (Bologna-Forli-Ancona) and take the “Forli”, “Cesena Nord” or “Cesena Sud” exits. An alternate option that avoids Autostrada tolls is the E45 (Roma-Viterbo-Terni-Perugia), then take the exits serving Forli, Cesena, or Forlimpopoli.


Concert and Lecture Schedule

Sunday, 21 July - “Italian Brass Week Inauguration”

Bertinoro Theatre – 21:30

Italian Brass Soloists

Trumpet: Andrea Dell’Ira, Davide Simoncini

Horn: Luca Benucci, Alberto Serpente

Trombone: Daniele Morandini, Vincenzo Paratore

Tuba: Alessandro Fossi

Piano: Loris di Leo


IBW Soloists will present various arrangements for Chamber Ensembles, including two 2 separate Brass Trio groups with Piano, a Brass Quintet, and Brass Septet with Piano


Monday, 22 July

12:30 - Concert-lesson with Sergio Carolino

            Sala Concerti - Cesena Conservatory

19:00 – “Conversation and Considerations” with Hermann Baumann and Luca Benucci

21:30 – Welcome Party and Jazz Session


Tuesday, 23 July

Bertinoro Theatre – 21:15

12:30 – Concert-lesson with Joe Burgstaller

19:00 – “Conversation and Considerations” with TBD and TBD

21:15 – “Meet the Soloists”

21:30 - “From Europe en voyage, to discover New Worlds”

            Trumpet: Rex Richardson

            Horn: Rodolfo Epelde

            Trombone: Vincenzo Paratore

            Tuba: Sergio Carolino

            Piano: Loris di Leo


Wednesday, 24 July

Bertinoro Theatre – 21:15

12:30 – Concert-lesson with Rex Richardson

19:00 – “Conversation and Considerations” with TBD and TBD

21:15 – “Meet the Soloists”

21:30 – “Wine: The Nature of its fruits”

            Trumpet: Joe Burgstaller

            Trombone: Ian Bousfield

            Tuba: Roland Szentpali

            Piano: Loris di Leo


Thursday, 25 July

Bertinoro Theatre – 21:15

12:30 – Concert-lesson with Ian Bousfield

19:00 – “Conversation and Considerations” with TBD and TBD

21:15 – “Meet the Soloists”

21:30 – “Golden Horn Brass and Friends”


Resident IBW Ensemble “Golden Horn Brass” and IBW Soloists will share the evening, with some traditional Turkish music, Opera, and Pop music. To finish the evening, Soloists and “Golden Horn Brass” will form a Super Eurasian Ensemble.


Friday, 26 July

Historical Centre of Cesena – 21:30

12:30 – Concert-lesson with Rodolfo Epelde

19:00 – “Conversation and Considerations” with TBD and TBD

20:45 – “Streets of Brass”

The streets and piazzas of Cesena will animate with Musicians coming from all corners of the world. Quartets, quintets, and various chamber group formations will give life to sonorous columns of sound for the final Friday Downtown. Different musical genres can be heard. Encounter and share experiences with different cultures, and enjoy living in the exclusivity of this unique musical event.


Saturday, 27 July

Centre of Bertinoro – 22:30

12:30 – Concert-lesson with Øystein Baadsvik

19:00 – “Conversation and Considerations” with TBD and TBD

21:30 – “International Brass Evening” – Øystein Baadsvik, Conductor

22:30 – “Bertinjazz”


Teachers and Students will perform, at first separately, then all together for an unforgettable evening filled with music dedicated to Bertinoro and Emilia-Romagna. Surprises are in store. Then…


Phenomenal Jazz groups will, in turn, entertain the IBW Students and Staff during a calm and relaxing evening in various locations in Bertinoro.


Sunday, 28 July

CEUB Rocca of Bertinoro

09:00 – Concerto Competition


Students will have an opportunity to compete for an IBW 2014 Scholarship, worth €400. The Competition will be divided into each Campus: Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba, and for Students aged 18 and younger, and 18 and older in each division. For further information, contact the IBW Secretary.



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