XXV FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE degli Ottoni Italian Brass Week


Italia Brass Week 2004

Presidency of the Italian Government  
United Nations - High Committee for the Refugees
Mountain community of Mount Amiata, Grosseto area
Province of Grosseto
Tuscany region
Foundation of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino



Andrea Conti - 25-30 August, 
Charlie Vernon - 25-30 August, 

Luca Benucci - 25-30 August, 
Dale Clevenger - 16-20 August and 25-30 August

Marco Pierobon
Davide Simoncini
Fritz Damrow
25-30 August, 

Tubas: 200 euros
Mario Barsotti - 25-28 August
Alessandro Fossi - 25-30 August

Kettle and percussion:
Gregory Lecour - 

Fabrice Moretti - 26-28 August - 

JAZZ WORKSHOP - from august 20 to 24
Lessons with all teachers, and individual lessons with a teacher of the student's instrument
20-24 august,
Raffaello Pareti - Double Bass: Improvisation Techniques, jazz band lessons
Stefano Rapicavoli - drums: Harmony and Rythm
Nico Gori - sax and clarinet: frasing, styles, contamination
Leonardo Pieri - piano and keyboards: free jazz, improvisation on a given themefree improvisation courses